Soccer is Here to Stay. What Does That Mean for You?

Major League Soccer isn’t the most prestigious soccer league in the world – yet. 

MLS only began play in 1996, and it has well-established leagues like The Premier League, La Liga and Ligue 1 to compete with. However, America’s league is rapidly advancing, and the world needs to prepare itself for the impending popularity of the MLS.

The proof? Messi. Yeah, THAT Messi.

If you know absolutely nothing about soccer, I guarantee you’ve at least heard the name Lionel Messi. Like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, Messi transcends soccer’s devoted fan culture and reaches the layman. 

Messi is widely considered to be the greatest soccer player of this century, if not the greatest player of all time. His list of records and achievements is obnoxiously long, and he hasn’t slowed down yet at the age of 35. Messi leads several categories in goals scored, and boasts more Ballon d’Or awards and European Golden Shoes than any other player in history. Messi is the captain of the Argentina national team, and he played for FC Barcelona for over 20 years before signing with Paris Saint-Germain FC in 2021.

Messi’s next move is rumored to be Major League Soccer, presenting the league in a new light.

Inter Miami CF is confident they will close a deal with Messi that will make him the highest-paid player in the history of the MLS. Acquiring Messi would be the most noteworthy move the league has seen. Only David Beckham’s move to the LA Galaxy in 2007 is comparable

Messi’s decision is unlikely to be announced until the 2022 FIFA World Cup ends and his contract with Paris Saint-Germain is up, but just the rumors are significant. The news attests to a growing respect for the MLS, as well as a bright future of talented stars.  

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– The SCA Team

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