Rewind: When Taco Bell Reached for the Stars

No campaign is too big or too small. 

Back in 2001, Taco Bell decided to test this sentiment – and they proved it right. The Mir space station was preparing to return to Earth after 15 years. The Russian station weighed 150 tons, making it the largest object to ever be brought back to Earth at the time. What kind of franchise would Taco Bell be if it didn’t take advantage of such an unprecedented event? 

Taco Bell planted a 40 by 40-foot target in the South Pacific Ocean, where Mir was predicted to land. A purple bullseye with the famous bell logo covered the target, the words “Free Taco Here!” in bold. “If Mir rings our bell, we will offer a free taco to everyone in the U.S.,” said Chris Becker, Taco Bell’s vice president of brand communications.

Behind the scenes, Taco Bell made sure they acquired an insurance policy to cover the price of all those free tacos. Fortunately for Taco Bell, (and unfortunately for taco-loving Americans), no part of the space station hit the target.

As a client, Taco Bell wanted the world’s attention. Even without the promotion being fulfilled, Taco Bell had its fans salivating over the idea of eating their food. With an event as big as a space station making a crash landing on Earth, Taco Bell required a promotion just as thrilling. Announcing free tacos for everybody did the trick. 

At SCA, aspects of a campaign can be scaled to fit the needs of any client. Prize vaults, scratch cards, and the wildly addicting PrizePad® game tablets are just a few of SCA’s staples. Want to go big? The big event prize program is for you. Step up the excitement for your next event or sales meeting by offering attendees the chance to get out of the office and win huge prizes. 

Need something even bigger? SCA’s universal jackpot changes the game. Exclusively from SCA, offer $1,000,000 jackpot prizes – yes, you heard that right. Even better, this patented process allows you to offer this much money for a fraction of the usual cost. Use your imagination and come up with a contest worthy of a possible million dollar payout. Think space travel big. 

No campaign is too big or too small when it does its job. With SCA, ensure your promotion achieves what you need it to. 

– The SCA Team

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