The Basics of Running a Cannabis Campaign

Cannabis promotions are a fantastic way to get your brand’s name circulating, attract new customers and drive sales. SCA is thrilled to add these services to their list of promotional solutions.

Follow the law

Marijuana legalization is rapidly spreading. In some states, dispensaries are popping up everywhere you look. Should I say they’re… growing like weeds? 

Despite legal medical and/or recreational use in many states, marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. Remain aware of all local and state laws that could impact cannabis marketing. 

Guidelines to keep in mind (along with your own thorough research!): 

  1. Be sure to only open your sweepstakes to entrants over the age of 21.
  2. Only spread the word about your contest on social media platforms that allow it. Many prohibit the promotion of marijuana. 
  3. Do not market towards children. This includes advertising your contest in places where children may be in attendance. 
  4. Only open your sweepstakes to residents of states where cannabis is legal. 
  5. Check your own state’s laws. Make sure this type of contest is legal, then follow your state’s related laws. 

Pick your perfect target audience

Determine your target audience based on who already benefits from your business. 

Narrow it down using demographics. Age, gender, location, income, profession and education level are good places to start. 

Now, who in your brand’s existing target audience is most likely to participate in this type of promotion? Gear your advertisements and prizes towards this group. Having trouble? Try considering the audience of your competitor’s cannabis marketing venture. 

Excite your customers – get creative!

Again – keep legality in mind here. You can’t pick just any prize to give away. For example, retail cannabis stores in Colorado are not allowed to give away cannabis or products containing cannabis. 

Nevertheless, you still get to think outside the box and have some fun. 

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking: 

  1. Enter customers by having them answer cannabis trivia questions
  2. Offer free accessories (papers, grinders, glassware, etc.) as prizes
  3. If you market to growers, give away prizes like lighting and harvesting tools
  4. Cannabis events and sponsored concerts are becoming increasingly popular – tickets to these would make great rewards

– The SCA Team

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