February 26, 2024

DALLAS, TX – Midwest Mattress of Iowa is stepping into the college basketball arena with a rebate promotion covered by SCA Promotions. If the University of Iowa or Iowa State women’s basketball team wins the 2024 NCAA Tournament, Midwest Mattress will give a 100% refund on Beautyrest Mattresses and adjustable bases. This rebate will be covered in full by SCA.

With 9 locations in the State of Iowa, Midwest Mattress has been a trusted name in sleep solutions for the past 19 years. A strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the company offers a wide range of mattresses, bedding accessories, and sleep essentials. 

Event-based rebates, such as wagers on both college and professional championship outcomes, have been re-emerging in popularity since their peak in the early 2000s. Rebate coverage offers a great solution for companies wanting to connect with their local fan base, and SCA Promotions has been the industry leader in prize coverage for almost 40 years.

“College basketball fans are passionate about their teams and players and there is no bigger story in college basketball this year than Caitlin Clark,” said Ragan Rector, an Account Coordinator at SCA Promotions. “It makes perfect sense that Midwest Mattress would tap into the excitement of the tournament, it’s no wonder why these programs are becoming increasingly popular across the country.”

Running event rebates alone is risky, when the conditions of a rebate are met, a company without a partner like SCA would be responsible for the total prize amount. However, SCA Promotions guarantees the full value of the rebate, so companies can offer larger-than-life prizes without worrying about the risk.

In Midwest Mattress’ case, if either the Iowa State University or University of Iowa women’s basketball team emerges victorious with a NCAA Championship win, they will issue a refund on the Beautyrest mattresses and adjustable bases purchased between February 9, 2024 and March 16, 2024. Guaranteed by SCA, Midwest Mattress co-founder Michael Prichard can root for either Iowa school without worry.

“Either way, you’re a winner because you’ll be scoring points with your new mattress. Imagine this: an Iowa team clinching the championship while you net a free Beautyrest mattress and adjustable base—it’s the slam dunk of deals,” joked Prichard.

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