Boban Misses Free Throws for Free Chicken

In their regular-season finale last month, the Clippers gave their star players the day off. Their playoff status was set. It didn’t matter if they won or lost this game against the Houston Rockets, who would not be competing in the playoffs.

Clippers fans celebrated a successful regular season, but nothing especially exciting was due to take place in such a game. 

Until former Clipper, Boban Marjanovic stepped to the line. With four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, and the Rockets ahead, Boban missed his first free throw. The crowd went wild. The Clippers and Chick-fil-A were running a “Fowl Shot Promotion:” fans in attendance would receive free chicken sandwiches if a Rockets player missed back-to-back free throws in the fourth quarter.

The 7’4″ Serbian center, well-loved by fans for his wholesome, funny moments, decided to help fans out. Boban smiled and nodded, pointed at himself, then seemingly mouthed “I got you” to Clippers fans. Then he missed his second free throw. 

The Rockets won 116-105, ending their season with a win and a good story. 

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– The SCA Team

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