Big Catch

Bigger Rewards!

Engage, reward and incentivize professionals and enthusiasts utilizing an online platform, or at a live event.


Record Challenge

This promotion ties a mega prize to the fisherman who nets a record fish at the tournament, state, national or international level. If a record catch seems unlikely for your event, deploy an Exceeding Weight Challenge. When a fish is nabbed that goes over the predesignated weight, that angler goes home with a cash prize.

Mystery Weight Contest

Reward the angler who reels in a fish that equals a predetermined but undisclosed weight with our Mystery Weight Contest. Put your event sponsors in the forefront by offering a grand prize to the biggest fish caught with a branded reel, rod or boat in one of our Restrictive Excess Contests.

Casting Contests

Want to give away a new boat to the contestant who makes a successful cast into a target template? This contest will build traffic for any fishing event, retailer, boat manufacturer, or dealer.

Money Bags

Also ask about SCA’s High Fives Money Bags contest. This exciting game show-style promotion allows contestants to play until they match five symbols sealed inside of 40 prize envelopes.

Tagged Fish

Whether you are running a charity or professional tournament, increase excitement and participation by offering a life changing prize if the winning tagged fish is caught. Verify in real-time using our verification platform.

Pro Angler Incentives

Get the most brand exposure and Sponsorship value by incentivizing top performance from your anglers. If an angler meets a performance goal, they win a life changing prize.

Meet Max Rhodes

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“I’ve got the best job in the world…….all I do is talk fishing to my friends all day long”

In his role as Director of Fishing, Max Rhodes spends his time soliciting and underwriting all fishing business at SCA Promotions. While he has done much to transform the company into the go-to market for fishing-related promotions, he is the first to say there is still work to be done.

Prior to accepting his position with SCA, Max served as consultant to Aetna’s C&S bonding division, followed by his role as Director of Fishing for J.P. Everhart, National Hole in One.

Before turning his passion into a career, Max fished as a professional angler for over 20 years, some years more than others. Perhaps this explains his love for his job and why his personal goal is to continue doing what he’s been doing until he retires…should that ever occur.

Since starting with SCA 24 years ago, Max has been involved in many promotions. His favorite happens to be the largest; the promotion, executed for WTVH Channel 5 in Syracuse, New York, involved tagging 50 fish, with one special fish tagged for the grand prize of $5 million. While there was no grand prize winner, Max remembers the excitement of the day and the $50,000 SCA was privileged with awarding to one lucky angler.

Max holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX.

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