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SCA has been working behind the scenes with some of the world’s largest brands and some of the newest start-ups alike for the past four decades. Since our founding in 1986, SCA Promotions has covered billions in risk and paid out almost $230,000,000 in life changing prizes to lucky fans and customers.

Promotions build brand, and thats why were here. Brand awareness is what engages customers and builds loyalty. If you want the custom solution for your campaign, we are the most experienced promotions partner out there.




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Sponsor Activations

Now, more than ever, we realize the importance of events to our overall sense of community and revenue potential.  Tying your organization to your local team or event is a big investment of your time and resources, so you want to make the most of it. 

SCA’s comprehensive portfolio of promotional activations, with big prize coverage options, amplify and extend your brand’s affiliations and partnerships.  We can help you leverage your partnership to reach bigger audiences and offer bigger rewards. 

Retail Promotions

Get your customers excited and get them in the door.  We’ll work with you to help you create unique and memorable experiences for your customers that support your goals and challenges.  SCA’s comprehensive solutions are proven to drive business results and are scalable to work for any organization.

Lead Generation

Increase traffic and generate prospects with SCA’s variety of turnkey lead-gen promotions. Whether you’re looking to scout new business opportunities online or on-site, SCA offers a variety of strategic solutions.  Our lead-gen tools are fully customizable, easy to execute and provide organized results for integration into your marketing outreach.

Gift With Purchase

SCA has years of experience providing unique brand partnerships and delivering Gifts-With-Purchase (GWP) campaigns.  We source, fulfill and provide motivating consumer offers with brands such as Fanatics, MasterCard, Amazon, Fuel Companies and QSR’s at a discount.  Many times we verify the customer purchase requirement via our redemption platform, issue the virtual reward and provide any customer service if necessary.

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Promotion Services

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SCA’s patented Easy Scan AMOE® is a new method of no purchase necessary entry that reduces the amount of work required for data base entry while still requiring the same amount of effort by the consumer. In other words, it still discourages free mail-in entries but reduces the traditional effort and cost to the Sponsor.

Methods vary from the easy to difficult to complete for the user. If the goal is the mitigate the number of requests, you can require the user complete an online form, print a form and mail it to our fulfillment center. If the goal is throughput, you can automate the process to only involve an online form, receive an email and require the user to input a unique code online for automatic entries utilizing your API to your backend. 

Not only is this patented method an industry disrupter, it costs a fraction of traditional mailers with manual data entry.

Sweepstakes Administration

Our comprehensive sweepstakes offerings streamline your operations and expenses, by consolidating supporting services with our secured technologies and promotional risk management options. Companies looking for experienced support to help execute successful sweepstakes come to us for end-to-end solutions including:

  • Administer winner selection using SCA’s auditable TrueDraw™ technology, guaranteeing a fair and impartial drawing
  • Facilitate the creation of Official Rules with promotional legal counsel
  • Developing affidavits of eligibility and liability/publicity releases
  • Notifying winners and collecting W9s
  • Providing public winners lists, upon request
  • Fulfilling prizes
  • In-depth knowledge of sweepstakes and contest laws, rules and regulations to ensure a smooth and simplified sweepstakes process
SCA is the World's Most Trusted

Promotions Partner

We offer a complex suite of services to support your next prize or campaign. Regardless if you want to run a bigger than life sweepstake, insure a million dollar prize or tie in with a national brand or team, SCA has your back.

Offer prizes up to $1,000,000,000 for a low, fixed cost. You get to cheer for your customers, and leave the stress to SCA.

Shape behavior and engage your customers using incentives and promotion.

Engagement and incentivizing using the most current technologies and security standards available.

Complete sweepstakes and promotion administration / fulfillment.

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