It can take years to develop the type of loyal following that radio stations need to boost ratings and attract national and local businesses.  Convincing listeners to switch to your station when there are three other stations in town playing the same format can be difficult unless you offer an incentive the other stations can’t match – such as the chance to win a life-changing prize.

On-air radio contests that drive engagement

People love listening to the radio. Their favorite stations play the best songs and have the best personalities. Radio stations are also famous for giving out prizes such as concert tickets and other great prizes. With the help of SCA Promotions, your radio station’s contests can offer prizes that other stations can’t match through contests that create excitement and drive listenership.

WDSY, Pittsburgh’s Country, came to SCA Promotions for a weekday contest that was easy for contestants to play. The result was the “Big Money Dollar Bill Game.” Listeners had a chance to win $100 instantly if they were in possession of a dollar bill with the matching serial number, as announced on air. The contest ran five times a day during the week to maximize exposure and entrants. The prize was raised to $10,000 on certain days, ramping up excitement even further. Two contestants have won the grand prize thus far. WDSY has since run the successful promotion four times because of popular demand with listeners.

WWZZ-FM in Washington, D.C. teamed up with SCA to be the first radio station in their market to offer a $1 million prize. The custom built, 12 week long contest encouraged listeners to call in when their birthday month was announced, the 35th caller then given an opportunity to ‘play’ for more cash by taking their chances at guessing a randomly picked number. A correct guess moved them to the next round, where players had a chance to pick a year between 1934 and 1980. The contest was a hit, as the station increased market share during the duration of the contest, generating many more loyal listeners. One lucky listener also walked away with $1,000,004.

Not only did these radio stations receive excellent results, the contests also featured an even bigger benefit: promotional risk coverage. With SCA Promotions, you not only get an engaging contest, but promotional risk coverage as well. This allows your radio station to offer great prizes such as $50,000 without actually having to pay out the full amount. You simply pay for a small, fixed fee up front. If a listener wins big, the money comes from SCA, not you. This allows you to keep your marketing budget intact without having to worry about writing large checks unexpectedly. Contact us today to start creating a contest just for your listeners.