Auto Dealer Promotions

Since 1986, SCA has been helping auto dealers increase traffic, build sales, and maximize event sponsorships. 

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Leverage Direct Mail in to a Sales Driver

Sucess Story…

A group of dealerships in North Carolina, Texas, and Oklahoma saw an average response rate of 5% with their “Pop Out Buy Back” direct mail promotion. Customers brought their mailers to the dealership to see if the number matched the winning number. Over 170 cars were sold during the 60-day program, and a Texas man took home the $25,000 grand prize.

– Allen Samuels Autoplex

“Showcasing our vehicles on ice during the 20 minute breaks has not only increased our dealership’s awareness and set us apart from the competition, but we are now selling five times as many vehicles as before. People stop and take note when there is an exciting chance to win a new vehicle!”

– MacDonald Auto Group




Direct Mail and FSI

Increase leads from your direct mail or FSI marketing by offering a chance to win a new car or cash prize for potential clients visiting your dealership or taking a test drive. For a small fixed fee, SCA will help design your contest and cover the risk of a grand prize payout.

Scratch-and-Win Cards

We offer pre-printed scratchand- win cards. Every card is printed as a potential winner. Your customers simply need to uncover the winning symbols. SCA can also help you customize a game card using your artwork, logos or promotion theme.


Create a cost effective game mechanic played on smartphones, tablets or computers via Twitter, iPad App, or website. Digital development allows you to consistently reward desired consumer behavior while capturing key market data, all without the need of an IT department. Digital development results are instant, so customers know immediately if they are winners, creating buzz and excitement around your dealership.

In-Store Events

Visible Vault™

Invite customers to your dealership to try their hand at cracking the vault’s winning code to win a grand prize. We’ll fill it up with a stack of cash, keys to a new car, or any item that fits your promotion. If someone breaks the code, SCA pays the grand prize.

Money Bags™

SCA supplies you with Money Bags (security sealed envelopes) to post in your dealership or put in the trunk of a car. One of the bags contains the grand prize winning message. If a lucky customer opens the winning bag, SCA pays!

Dice Roll Game

Spelling out your dealership name or displaying the grand prize are two of the many ways you can play the Dice Roll Game. If each die lands with the winning symbol face up, the contestant wins the grand prize, and SCA pays!

JackPot™ Machine

This is a great way to generate excitement and attract people to your dealership! The JackPot™ Machine offers fully customizable reel strips and graphics. Advanced programming capabilities allow you to control prize levels and payout frequencies. The machine prints prize vouchers, discount coupons, and special offers.

VIN/Driver’s License Match

Attract crowds during your sales event by displaying a VIN in your showroom. If a customer’s driver’s license number matches the last six digits of the winning VIN, he or she wins the car!

Conditional Rebate

Customers have the opportunity to win a car or huge rebate should a specified event occur. For example, if it snows on a specific day or if a local team makes it to a championship, SCA will pay the full cost of the rebated purchases.

External Event Focused

Sports Sponsorships

Gain visibility in your community by sponsoring your local team with an exciting on-field promotion. Offer fans a chance to win a new car with a
successful field goal kick, half-court shot, hockey shot, or any type of sports skill promotion.


Offer a new car or cash prize at your next golf event. SCA’s hole-in-one coverage includes unlimited grand prize payouts, $500 cash prizes on additional par 3 holes, and a tee sign.



Tagged VIN Promotion

What if you offered your sales team a bonus of $10,000 or more? SCA picks a VIN at random from your inventory. If the winning VIN belonged to a vehicle that was sold during the promotion, one lucky sales rep walks away with a pile of cash!

March College Basketball Tournament Bracket

Competitive teams, such as in auto sales, love the chance to win, and win piles of cash. Let SCA build you a bracket and offer your team the chance to win $1,000,000 if they score a perfect bracket. Keep them excited through the entire tournament by offering secodary prizes using our scoring system. Want more info on brackets, check out the bracket page here

Super SPIF

A designated sales rep qualifies to play for a cash bonus by meeting a specific goal. He or she then chooses one Money Bag™ supplied by SCA. If the employee picks the bag with the winning message he or she wins the bonus! Secondary prizes can also be awarded. Set-up for this game can be as simple as sealed envelopes on a cork board, a table covered with cloth Money Bags, or a custom board to fit your theme.