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Use Gamification to Drive Revenue.

card room activations

Use Poker Room Promotions to generate revenue.

Customer Acquisition

The choices of games, competitions and chance-to-wins are limitless. Make your next membership push a memorable one.

Tournament Prize Amplification

Fill more seats at your next tournament by leveling up the potential prize. SCA takes the risk so you can focus on the game.

Bad Beat Jackpots

Incorporate prize walls or money bags into an exciting competition for your players or your next sign-up push with this unique SCA game.

Run a Promotion to Activate your Players

SCA can help you bring in more members to your card room
Sign Up and you Could WinSign Up and you Could Win

Reactivate Dormant Memberships

Lower customer drop-off and reactivate dormant memberships to your poker club by offering the chance to win a life-changing prize!

SCA covers the risk so you can focus on growing your player base.

Incentivize More

Now you can offer the chance for potential new players to win life-changing prizes just for becoming a player at your card room.

Offer the chance to win up to $1,000,000 for becoming a player without any of the risk.

Sign Up and you Could WinSign Up and you Could Win

Keep Members Coming Back

Increase the frequency your players visit by creating tie-ins to national sports and events.

Who knew you could take advantage of Monday Night Football to bring in more players?

Keep them coming back to the table

your poker room's

promotions PARTNER.

SCA Promotions is the most experienced promotion company in the gaming industry. In the past 26 years, SCA has led the gaming sector in the deployment of more than 20,000 promotional events worldwide and has paid out over $227 million to customers through risk-managed prize coverage. The SCA Promotions portfolio of customer-focused services enables operators to drive brand awareness, increase profitability and foster customer loyalty. SCA’s vast library of proven promotions deliver relevant, excitement-filled content to customers worldwide.

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