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New Game Offerings

Stand out amongst your competitors with brand new game mechanics unique to your market.

Games Tailored To You

Show off your clients, the sponsors and your own brands with our full-service branding on game mechanics.

Value Added Promos

Excite potential clients and open new revenue streams at the same time with our value added promotion offers.

Prizes awarded
$ 1

Promotional Products

Vault 150x150 1


The ability to place a physical prize inside the transparent vault case will build excitement and increase activations.

Money Bags

There are a multitude of game types available that utilize the Money Bags. Games such as High Five, Pick X of Y, Poker Run, Last Man Standing and so many more.


Customizable & Turn Key

Scratch Cards

Colorful and engaging, SCA’s promotional scratch cards give your customers a visceral and exciting experience, along with the chance to win big with SCA’s prize coverage options. For quick and easy promotional execution, we offer several turnkey designs: Find a Fortune, Money Madness, Instant Gold, Key to Riches, and Bust the Bank.
Jackpot 150x150 1


Customize every space available on the machine – digital reel strips, prize board and face plates. Flexible programming allows for controlled distribution of prizes or coupons on up to 16 different levels, including 7-7-7 Grand Prize covered by SCA.


Dice Roll

Spelling out your name or displaying the grand prize are two of the many ways you can play the Dice Roll Game. If each die lands with the winning symbol face up, the contestant wins the grand prize, and SCA pays!

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With SCA.

Digital Gamification

A proven method to engage and influence your audience is to make sure they have fun. Who doesn’t have fun playing a game? Add new digital games to drive guest excitement and keep clients coming back.

Valero Winner4 1

Universal Jackpot

Increase Employee Retention... ...for a Fraction of the Cost

SCA’s patented Universal Jackpot is a new game mechanic that builds excitement and incentivizes employee retention. Tired of endless recruiting campaigns? Talk to SCA about Universal Jackpot today.

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