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Tired of data entry yet?

One of the most frustrating and expensive aspects of an online promotion is not the prize, but the alternative method of entry.

Lucky for you, SCA is changing the game.

Choose from two methods

Enhanced Mail-in

The patented process utilizes the traditional mail-in method with digital enhancements.

Fully Digital

Remove traditional mail from the process and focus on ease of entry and throughput. Utilize a fully digital web experience with intelligent hurdles to prevent automated processes.

Enhanced Processes

Eliminate manual data entry with our streamlined digital process for accepting alternate methods of entry for your promotion.

CRM Integration

Real time data transfer to your Customer Relationship Management platform to automatically store and track user data fields and entries.

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Are you an Agency or Fulfillment Provider Interested in processing your own entries and using our white label services?

Minimize your labor costs and increase your processing time with our white label EasyScan. Administer your own AMOE projects and leave all the technology costs and management to us. 

Decrease Costs & Processing Time With One Easy Tool

EasyScan AMOE simplifies running your promotion's AMOE by digitalizing the data entry process. Whether you choose a simple or complex submission process for users, the outcome is consistent: reduced time and resources spent on entering and verifying entries.


Faster Data Processing

EasyScan helps you feel confident in collecting accurate user data and running your sweepstakes.

"EasyScan AMOE completely revolutionized how we manage our sweepstakes. Before, we had to allocate staff and budget to be able to keep up with submissions. Now, we can run several campaigns at a time without worrying about a PR disaster."

Fully Customizable,
Less Expensive.


Compliant Data Collection

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Is Less Expensive With Faster Data Processing Than Conventional AMOE

You heard that right. EasyScan AMOE saves you money at every step and speed up your data processing time. From labor costs to actual submission mechanics, EasyScan AMOE saves  from the beginning. In addition, you can feel assured that your sweepstake will run like clockwork with our patented technology.

Learn how EasyScan will increase the quality of your data with no manual data entry and prevent a PR nightmare with backlogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EasyScan AMOE shortens the submission time requirements and user data entry with digital  enhancements. Also, if your CRM has an API, EasyScan data can be transferred in real-time to your backend. 

There is a nominal setup fee and a cost per entry.

Yes! EasyScan allows you to customize the entry requirements, giving you full control of the entry process.

Absolutely! Add custom fields including marketing opt-in, use your brand color palette for the page background, form background, borders, buttons, etc. Place your logo at in the header area and link it to your page, add hyperlinks to your Official Rules, send an email to the user confirming their entry. The world is your oyster.

Every promotion requires a free method of entry. If the main form of entry requires a purchase, you the Sponsor must provide an alternative method of entry that is free and provides an equal chance to all entrants of winning all prizes. This method makes sure you are in regulatory compliance.