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SCA Promotions has worked with agencies and in-house marketing teams for nearly 40 years on developing prizes, challenges and gamifications to level up campaigns. SCA has been behind some of the most defining and well publicized advertising stunts since 1986. We are the silent partner here to help make your idea your clients reality.

Promotional Campaigns
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It’s time to ditch the boring giveaway.

Any idea you have, we bring into reality. Here are some things we do to get your creative juices flowing.

Sweepstakes & Prize Coverage

We cover the value of your grand prize so that if a contested wins, you’re not on the line for it. With SCA, you can run a campaign with a grand prize as high as $1,000,000,000 and we’ll cover the prize in the event of a winner. The sky is the limit on ideas, whether that is a half court shot at the finals or a chance to win sweepstake on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, SCA has done it all. With us, our risk is your reward.

Digital Gamification

Are you dealing with headaches from app uninstalls? We are the solution. Loyalty program performance a bit sluggish? We’ll build the game right into your app or website. Whether it’s for a loyalty program sign-up push or a eCommerce sales initiative, we build online apps and websites with built in games to get those extra conversions.

Gift With Purchase

Gift With Purchase incentives are a great way to stand out amongst competitors running BOGOs and simple discounts. We parter your business with massive brands and teams to attract customers and bring in customers. We give you the best discounts in the industry so you can run your next campaign within your budget.

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We are the full-stop shop for all of your promotional needs. Agencies & businesses alike have worked with SCA for the last 40 years and counting. Contact us today.