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SCA is the global leader in prize coverage and gamification. We take the risk so you don’t have to.

To attract attention, offer life changing prizing to incentivize players. We will help bring members to the table for tournaments or drive membership sign-ups for your room. SCA works with your budget to craft the perfect initiative.

Small Rooms
Large Rooms

8 Tables or Less

 Increase membership with a "bring-a-friend" promotion. If the friend becomes a member, both the current member and friend get a chance to win $1,000,000 cash!

8 Tables or More

Increase customer loyalty and engagement with a game show style event. Run multiple events at a tournament to increase excitement.

Top Promotions

Bad Beat Jackpot Coverage™

The Bad Beat Jackpot BonusTM by SCA is a player bonus created by SCA. Attract new members and tournament participants by covering bad beats in a tournament. Choose what hands qualify and SCA handles the rest!


Mystery Bounty Promotion

Stand out and drive tournament participation with a completely unique mystery bounty game. SCA offers huge cash prizes or cool experiences as a reward for claiming the mystery bounty. Have a cool idea? Let’s make it happen.

Watch & Win Prizes

Want a really cool way to drive attendance? Our Watch & Win promotions are a massive hit. We display a code on air during a live stream or national sports event to drive someone into the room for a chance to win, OR give the code in the room to incentivize people watching.

Membership Drives

Reactivate dormant members or incentivize new players with life changing prizes for becoming a member. SCA can create a custom promotion to increase attendance frequency, purchase more seat time, or even get people in from a live stream. Start planning your idea with us today.

Tournament Prize Bonuses

SCA offers a variety of prizes and services to level-up the winnings for tournament champs. Offer life-changing cash prizes or cool experiences with SCA. Check out our pre-made promotions or custom build yours today!

We handle the risk
so you don't have to.

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