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Leave The Stress To SCA

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Leave The Stress to SCA

Offer jaw-dropping prizes of up to $1,000,000,000 at a remarkably low, fixed cost. With SCA managing the prize coverage, you can focus on celebrating your customers while we handle the risk. Since our establishment in 1986, SCA Promotions has shouldered billions in risk, delivering over $248,000,000 in life-altering rewards to fortunate winners and loyal patrons. Develop a custom incentive program with SCA to overcome your challenges and shape behavior with incentives. 

SCA is the World's Most Trusted

Prize Coverage Partner

We offer a complex suite of services to support your next prize or campaign. Regardless if you want to run a bigger than life sweepstake, insure a million dollar prize or tie in with a national brand or team, SCA has your back.

Hole-In-One Coverage

Promote the Lucky Shot

Duck Races

Let SCA take the risk of a Grand Prize winner, so your charity has a fixed budget and can cheer for a winner

Skill-Based Competitions

Use Skill to Determine Fate

Custom Idea

Tell us your idea, we’ll make it reality

Event Rebates

Event Based Rebate Promotions

Incentivizing consumers with the opportunity to have their purchase refunded if a trigger event occurs, not only ignites a sense of community enthusiasm towards your brand but also minimizes financial risk on your end. Whether capitalizing on the fervor of local sports teams or embracing the unpredictability of weather phenomena, SCA offers tailored solutions to amplify this tried-and-tested promotional strategy, driving both sales and media attention for your brand.

Universal Windows & Cleveland Indians

RE/MAX & New England Patriots

Redemption Coverage

Ever heard of over redemption coverage? It’s like that saying, ‘be careful what you wish for.’ It’s there to safeguard your finances if redemptions surpass your projections.

With SCA’s redemption coverage, you can breathe easy knowing that your promotion’s success won’t unexpectedly dent your bottom line. We’ve supported countless businesses by covering redemption overages stemming from heightened promotional engagement.

Plus, with our Fixed Fee Coverage, you get 100% protection regardless of redemption rates throughout your promotion.

Athlete Incentives

Outstanding results deserve a reward. Our incentive program allows you to extend a bonus to an athlete or team whenever specified performance goals are met.

SCA has administered over $100 Million in incentive programs for high-profile athletes across the NFL, MLB, PGA, NBA and more.  As your behind-the-scenes partner, we can help you put together a program that suits your player, team, objective, sport and budget.

Leverage your sports sponsorship to reward optimal performance by your team or athletes. 

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