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Use our iPad based PrizePad® at your next event and be amazed as prospects eagerly line up to play your branded game for a chance to win exciting prizes, instantly! With just the click of a button, you will collect consumer data and deliver your marketing message seamlessly and effortlessly. With simple and exciting game options, the possibilities with PrizePad are endless. Once you select your very own branded game, you can easily engage your audience and make your message heard. It’s easy to become wildly popular when you activate automated communication with your contestants. And that’s not all. After your customers are hooked, encourage them to provide their contact information, complete your survey, read through your marketing material, and of course, make a purchase!

Scratch Cards

Colorful and engaging, SCA’s promotional scratch cards give your customers a visceral and exciting experience, along with the chance to win big with SCA’s prize coverage options. 

Scratch cards are great tools for driving traffic into stores and establishments to reveal potential winnings and special offers.  They also work well for lead-generating direct mail outreach. 

For quick and easy promotional execution, we offer several turnkey designs: Find a Fortune, Money Madness, Instant Gold, Key to Riches, and Bust the Bank.

For longer lead promotions, SCA can work with your brand to customize cards for your promotion.

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Money Bags

Money Bags are a secure and easy to implement promotion solution to offer your audience a chance to win. There are a multitude of game types available that utilize the Money Bags. Games such as High Five, Pick X of Y, Poker Run, Last Man Standing and so many more. 


SCA’s Vault is the perfect combination of user experience and security. The ability to place a physical prize inside the transparent vault case will build excitement and increase activations. Program the winning number between 4 and 8 digits according to your budget.


Bring the thrill of the casino to your event or storefront. 

  • Customize every space available on the machine – digitla reel strips, prize board and face plates.
  • Flexible programming allows for controlled distribution of proizes/coupons on up to 16 different levels, including the 7-7-7 Grand Prize covered by SCA.
  • Partner with local businesses for the smaller prize levels and sell sponsorships to increase your non-traditional revenue.
  • The prize voucher can be customized with discount coupons to encourage customers to buy now or offer bounce-back incentives.