Promotional Products

That Drive Traffic & Excite

Excite Customers

Games excite customers, and SCA offers the opportunity to make your next marketing push a winner.

Drive Sales

Engagement drives sales. Game mechanics turn your marketing campaigns into profit powerhouses.

Attract Foot Traffic

Use the chance to win massive prizes as a way to get foot traffic in your location. Want online traffic? See other offerings.



Use our iPad based PrizePad® at your next event and be amazed as prospects eagerly line up to play your branded game for a chance to win exciting prizes, instantly! With just the click of a button, you will collect consumer data and deliver your marketing message seamlessly and effortlessly.


The ability to place a physical prize inside the transparent vault case will build excitement and increase activations.

Money Bags

There are a multitude of game types available that utilize the Money Bags. Games such as High Five, Pick X of Y, Poker Run, Last Man Standing and so many more.

Customizable & Turn Key

Scratch Cards

Colorful and engaging, SCA’s promotional scratch cards give your customers a visceral and exciting experience, along with the chance to win big with SCA’s prize coverage options. For quick and easy promotional execution, we offer several turnkey designs: Find a Fortune, Money Madness, Instant Gold, Key to Riches, and Bust the Bank.


Customize every space available on the machine – digital reel strips, prize board and face plates. Flexible programming allows for controlled distribution of prizes or coupons on up to 16 different levels, including 7-7-7 Grand Prize covered by SCA.


Dice Roll

Spelling out your name or displaying the grand prize are two of the many ways you can play the Dice Roll Game. If each die lands with the winning symbol face up, the contestant wins the grand prize, and SCA pays!

SCA Is a Company You Can Trust


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