Shape behavior and engage your customers using incentives and promotion.

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SCA has expanded our sports contest origins into a promotional powerhouse that provides your business increased leverage, loyalty and market leadership opportunities through our risk management and gamification solutions.

From online sports-themed fantasy or gamification to on-site sponsor activations and on-field games of chance, SCA’s promotional prize coverage options empower you to add attention-grabbing mega prizes to your promotions without increasing your financial risk.







Tap into a robust audience that enjoys more than 400,000 freshwater and saltwater competitions worldwide over the course of a year. Tournament anglers have to be selective about the events they participate in, but you can get their attention by offering a big cash prize. With any of our promotions, you can get more mileage out of your budget.

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Auto Dealerships

Use promotion to come out on top of an industry all fighting for customers. Tight inventory, inflation, and rising interest rates are all reasons to actively engage and incentivize consumers to visit your dealership over the competition. 

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Break through the noise and stand out in the crowded media market by tuning in your audience to your promotion with the chance to win prizes of value to them, while you increase audience engagement and connectivity to your local or syndicate networks. 

SCA solutions drive activity wherever you want to reach audiences – on radio, in newspaper, on your digital platforms and social channels.  Our prize coverage options give you the power to go big with your cash or experiential offerings, without the budgetary risk and uncertainty. 


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Gift With Purchase

SCA has years of experience providing unique brand partnerships and delivering Gifts-With-Purchase (GWP) campaigns.  We source, fulfill and provide motivating consumer offers with brands such as Fanatics, MasterCard, Amazon, Fuel Companies and QSR’s at a discount.  Many times we verify the customer purchase requirement via our redemption platform, issue the virtual reward and provide any customer service if necessary.

Sponsorship Activations

Now, more than ever, we realize the importance of events to our overall sense of community and revenue potential.  Tying your organization to your local team or event is a big investment of your time and resources, so you want to make the most of it. 

SCA’s comprehensive portfolio of promotional activations, with big prize coverage options, amplify and extend your brand’s affiliations and partnerships.  We can help you leverage your partnership to reach bigger audiences and offer bigger rewards. 

Lead Generation

Increase traffic and generate prospects with SCA’s variety of turnkey lead-gen promotions. Whether you’re looking to scout new business opportunities online or on-site, SCA offers a variety of strategic solutions.  Our lead-gen tools are fully customizable, easy to execute and provide organized results for integration into your marketing outreach.

Retail Promotions

Get your customers excited and get them in the door.  We’ll work with you to help you create unique and memorable experiences for your customers that support your goals and challenges.  SCA’s comprehensive solutions are proven to drive business results and are scalable to work for any organization.

Casino Promotions

For more information on our innovative promotional solutions geared to the casino market, visit or contact our gaming team at

As the most experienced casino promotional company, SCA Gaming is trusted by hundreds of properties each year to provide compelling promotions for their players.

Our end-to-end promotional solutions range from gamification options that reach players on their own mobile devices to drive them into the casinos with special offers to exciting on-floor promotions featuring large-scale digital kiosk games and physical game boards.

SCA promotions integrate with casino loyalty programs and with our proprietary Guest Engagement Management Services to track and reward play.