increase sales.


Offer Risk-Free Bracket
Bonuses to Your Customers

Perfect Bracket

63-0 bracket wins big. SCA offers life changing prizes with no risk to you or your budget.

Best In Nation Coverage

Make your bracket challenge unique by adding in bonuses based on your customers performance compared to national top 100’s. We offer bonuses based on your performance as compared to entries from ESPN, CBS, Yahoo and others!

Rare Play Bonus Jackpots

+ When a rare play or event
happens, have a bonus prize pool get paid for by SCA.

• If a 16 Seed beats a 1 Seed
• Championship game goes to
double overtime.
• We can work with your bonus
prize ideas!

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SCA Promotions Makes Headlines (...and so will you)

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"We loved the Bracket Challenge we created with SCA. Not only were we able to engage our customers in a creative way, it was also neat way to get our brand involved with the tournament."


SCA Madness

Brackets and other games engage audiences by having them interact with your brand. The month long tournament is a great way to keep your customers engaged longer than a normal campaign.

SCA Promotions covers the full value of a big win, so you can offer life changing prizes without any risk. SCA has covered more than $227,000,000 in prizes since their founding in 1986.

Bracket Challenges are a great way to engage your customer base, use as a loyalty program incentive or as an employee promotion. Let us know how you want to use a bracket challenge below!

Not only is a big grand prize a good way to stand out, but so is adding a few game mechanics unique to SCA. We also offer Best in Nation Coverage, as well as Rare Play Bonus Jackpots to level up your bracket and stand out.

Not a problem. Whether it is a completely unique game or bigger than life prize – whatever you can think of, SCA can cover. 

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