Engage Fans and Boost Sales With Sports Event Rebates

Harness customers fandom to drive incremental sales. Turn sports and rebates into a profitable partnership for your business. Welcome to the world of Sports Rebates – a concept that leverages passion for sports to boost your sales.

Sports Events Rebates

What are they?

You may be familiar with “Mattress Mack” in Houston, Texas who offered customers the chance to receive their purchase for free in the event the Astros won the World Series. These programs resonate with regional markets and often general additional local and national media coverage. SCA Sports Event Rebates allow you to have the same impact in your market. For example, offer your customers the chance to win a full refund if your local team wins the Championship.

Rebates are proven to increase sales. For a fraction of the sales total, SCA covers the risk and pays for the rebate in the event your team wins big. We take the risk, you get the reward.

SCA has been in business since 1986 while awarding more than $241,000,000 in rebates and prizes. We have the experience, let’s work together to impact your market with a rebate offer. 

Sports Events Rebates are Proven to Increase Sales.

Our Risk. Your Reward.

No Risk

Offer a rebate on a purchase if your team wins the Championship or breaks a record. We take the risk, so you can reward your customers with no financial liability if it happens.

Created + Managed

SCA Promotions will ideate and create so you can focus on your business. From the promotion idea to implementation, we've got you covered.

Increase Sales

Universal Windows partnered with the Cleveland Indians. Purchases made in July were free if the Indians won 15 games in a row. They won 22 and everyone made out huge!

Turn Fan Passion Into a Memorable Campaign & Record Breaking Sales

Break Records • Win a Championship • Cheer for Your Team • Increase Sales • Engage Your Community

Success Stories

Universal Windows & Cleveland Indians

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RE/MAX & New England Patriots

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Mobil 1 & Anthony Davis

Mobile1 AnthonyDavis Background
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Ashley Homestore & Memphis Tigers

Ashley Memphis Background
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Case Studies

Read up on how our clients have harnessed the passion of their customers to increase sales, build loyalty and engage the community! 

Championship Rebate Promotions

The original rules for basketball live in Kansas.

Green Bay is a football town.

St. Louis lives and breathes baseball.

Detroit loves their hockey.

The South dominates college sports.

and soccer is growing everywhere.

Know your market and convert fans to customers

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Sports by the Numbers

of Americans are sports fans.
1 %
viewers of the NCAA D1 Basketball Tournament in March.
in Houston furniture store mattress sales when the Astros won the title!
$ 1

Sports Rebate Promotion Ideas

Championship Game

If your team wins a Championship, your customers receive a refund on their purchases and you get all the glory.


Cheer your team or favorite player to break a record. Records are broken and your customers get their money back. It's a Win-Win!

Sports Not Your Thing?
Leverage Weather Event Rebates

into Sales

Welcome to the world of Weather Rebates – a concept that conjoins a touch of nature’s spontaneity to your success. Turn weather and sales into a remarkable partnership.

Use Fans Passion to Drive Sales. Ask Us How!

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