Universal Jackpot

$1,000,000 Mega-Prize Promotion

SCA's Universal Jackpot

SCA Promotion’s newest contest offering is the $1,000,000 Mega-Prize Universal Jackpot. The idea for the universal jackpot is simple: a basic number match game that can be deployed online for various industries. With our cost effective pricing, Universal Jackpots offer head-turning prizes that increase your customer engagement.

What Is It?

Brand New

Exclusively from SCA, this program allows you to draw attention and drive engagement to your brand or event

Big Prizes

$1 million with promotional overlay to maximize your market share during reopening and create long-term player loyalty


Flexible, economical, without budget risk or operational complexity

Easy Use

Easy for players to understand and interact with digitally.


You set the odds

No Surprises

The variable cost is the pure risk plus a modest markup

Three Easy Steps

How It Works

Benefits of an

External Draw by SCA

We offer a complex suite of services to support your next prize or campaign. External Draws are a brand new service being offered by SCA, so you can be confident your next campaign will stand out.

SCA’s process reduces security and operational costs, permitting economical pricing of only $6,000 administrative set up and $175 per qualifier, while providing your players a chance to win $1,000,000 cash

Auditable, verifiable, secure draw at a time when you may not be able to have an on-property event with large numbers of people

Qualifiers can feed in from any type of qualifying event or activity that you choose

Qualifiers can be from various monthly sweepstakes under our license agreement

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