SCA has a playbook of options to keep fans focused on your brand

“Take me out to the ballgame!” and bring your business along for more exposure. We have an extensive suite of player and team-fueled contests that add to the excitement in the stands and put your business under the bright lights.

Grand Slam Inning – SCA’s popular Grand Slam Inning pays out big when a home team player brings all the runners in on a selected inning. There’s nothing quite like a whole stadium of people holding their breath for each pitch when the bases get loaded.

Knothole Home Run – Use your on-site signage to get extra attention for your brand by deploying Knothole Home Run. Your business will be top-of-mind all game long when any deep drive could produce a winner.

Nine Inning Special – Nissan created Nissan Day in partnership with the Arizona Diamondbacks to give fans a reason to cheer every single inning. Each inning has its own unique play that results in a lucky contestant walking away a winner. A few of the nine options included: a first inning inside-the-park home run, stealing home in the sixth, and the closer’s challenge of striking out the side in the ninth. We can help tinker your lineup for maximum excitement.

Hit for the Cycle – With Hit for the Cycle, a home team player has a chance of rewarding a fan by accomplishing the hitting feat of earning a single, a double, a triple and a home run in the same game.
Conditional Rebate – We can also offer a conditional rebate promotion on all sales over a select period for something extraordinary, like the home team winning the pennant or the league championship.