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Risk mitigation and budget management solutions for the lottery industry. Offer larger 2nd chance, reduce volatility and manage risk while staying within budget.

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As players become more accustomed to instant tickets with higher price points, 2nd chance promotions offer a unique opportunity to offer over $10,000,000 if a player can win a series of mini-games.

SCA provides risk transfer and prize indemnification agreements that mitigate or eliminate financial risk for our clients.

Eliminate risk of funding your prize if ticket sales do not generate enough revenue to cover the Jackpot.

Offer a creative new opportunity to engage and enhance the player experience through non-betting quick pick games tied to sports & weather events.

Eliminate the need to turn down players if there becomes a high concentration of numbers selected for Daily Pick 3 & 4 draw games.

Engage players with a free promotional offer when they register in your VIP program

Manage your budget and risk by covering your retailer bonus program for multi-state games through SCA’s prize indemnity coverage.

SCA inks deal with the Texas Lottery to cover its Retailer Bonus program, Pays $1,000,000 claim to lucky retailer and will introduce SCA’s full lineup of services as Gold Sponsor at LaFleur’s Conference in Austin.

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