Here’s How You Can Leverage the Soccer Hype

Soccer is the biggest sport in the world, and U.S. professional soccer is now part of SCA Promotions’ core services. America’s league is rising in popularity ...

Soccer is the biggest sport in the world, and U.S. professional soccer is now part of SCA Promotions’ core services. America’s league is rising in popularity to match that of global soccer events, with 29 teams entering the league since its inception in 1996. Let SCA give you a few tips on getting your brand in front of the U.S. soccer wave.

1. Drive Sales and Fan Excitement With Conditional Rebates

Soccer is known for having some pretty dedicated fans. Have you heard those creative chants? It’s time to leverage the fan frenzy.

Conditional rebates are a surefire way to drum up business and foster customer loyalty with limited budgetary risk.

With purchase refunds, make sure your customers win big when their favorite U.S. soccer team does. For example, any customer making a qualifying purchase during a promotional period receives a refund in full in the event a designated event occurs – say the team you pick to win the championship succeeds.

Whether the designated event happens or not, you’ll be creating media buzz for your brand and attracting new customers – who will be likely to participate in your next soccer-themed rebate too.

2. With Social Media, Make Soccer Fans YOUR Fans 

There’s a reason why social media contests are so popular these days. At any given time, billions of users are scrolling through multiple social media platforms.

Even better, social media contests don’t require customers to buy anything or go anywhere. If your incentive catches their attention, they can start fulfilling the qualifications from the comfort of their homes. 

Drive traffic to your social media channels by offering prizes for the best soccer watch party, most creative chant, or wildest game day outfit. U.S. professional soccer league fans are already doing these things anyway… might as well reward them for it and get your brand’s name out there. 

The best part? SCA provides prize coverage for your winners and full contest administration.

3. Big event? Offer Big Prizes

Don’t miss out on taking advantage of your next live event. We’re not just talking about holiday parties – you can create excitement around a sales meeting.

Offering fun games and themed prizes can attract more attendees, get everybody talking about your event and get your brand’s name circulating. 

SCA’s “game show” programs are unique and unmatched in their results. Create big prize drama with solutions like slot machines, game show boards, visible vaults or cash blasts. 

It would be misguided not to capitalize on the opportunities soccer is offering in the United States. Join SCA Promotions in getting ahead of the madness.  

Nick Fopiano

Nick Fopiano

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