SCA Offering 2023 Engagement Options

FEB 24, 2023  DALLAS – After a successful 2022, SCA Promotions is excited to continue offering ways to garner engagement in 2023.

FEB 24, 2023 

DALLAS – After a successful 2022, SCA Promotions is excited to continue offering ways to garner engagement in 2023. 

The world is slowly bouncing back after an unprecedented few years. Despite this, SCA was able to accumulate a prosperous amount of customer engagement in 2022. For small businesses trying to innovate their marketing strategies, or brands trying to pique the interest of less-involved sponsors, SCA has solutions.

Sweepstakes and jackpots are high-profile ways of demanding attention and participation. Nothing creates buzz like the chance to win money – especially when it’s $1 million. When you administer sweepstakes with SCA, you’re promised an in-depth knowledge of contest laws and regulations. This means the process of running such an immense contest is smooth and simplified. 

As for the Universal Jackpot, you get to advertise the chance to win $1 million or more, qualifying players however you wish. It’s a flexible, risk-free way to get your name out there. Of course, SCA pays the prize. 

Professional baseball players reported to their respective spring training locations the week of February 13, 2023. SCA has proven baseball promotions to be successful in increasing leverage, loyalty and market leadership opportunities. Baseball is a top-viewed sport, both regionally and nationally. The 2023 season is an opportunity to be taken advantage of, especially with personalized sweepstakes and jackpots. 

SCA Promotions has awarded over $228,000,000 in prizes since their inception in 1986. SCA is the global leader for promotional prize coverage, risk management and user engagement solutions that increase ROI, brand awareness and loyalty. With unmatched experience and an extensive selection of promotional services, SCA is the preferred partner of brands, retailers and marketing agencies around the globe. 

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Founded in 1986, SCA has covered billions of dollars in risk and awarded over $227 Million in prizes.

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